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Sealed Concrete

Sealed Concrete

Sealing your Denver Concrete.

Sealing concrete is an important part of an concrete project.  Concrete Is a porous material and absorbs and expels moisture.  In case you were not aware, water expands when frozen, so it is important to keep large amounts of water out of your concrete during freeze and thaw cycles, common in Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

Denver concrete should be sealed with a high quality sealer to help prevent moisture penetration – A good quality sealer or cure and seal can be applied at the time of placement and finish as well as can be added as an additional protective coat after the concrete has cured.

A concrete sealer is often either water based or solvent based.  Water based sealers mix better with damp concrete whereas solvent based sealers are better installed after the concrete has dried further.

Concrete sealers should be applied by sprayer or roller in a consistent manner to cover the entire concrete surface.  Many sealers will provide a depth of color not possible without them.  The deepening in color will last as long as the sealer does.  Sealers can last for years depending on traffic, wear and tear and sun exposure.  there are also many different levels of quality in sealers.  Diehl Concrete chooses to use only top quality products that have been proven to last.

Should your concrete require a recoat here are some details you should review.

Re-coat instructions are as follows.

First to see if you may need to seal your concrete you can do a simple test – Sprinkle some water on the surface of the concrete.  If the water is immediately absorbed into the concrete and makes the surface quickly darker, the surface is not waterproof.  If the water sprinkles are not absorbed and create water beads than the concrete is sealed.

  1. Pressure wash your concrete with a degreaser and remove all debris and contaminants so the surface is clean.
  2. Let the concrete dry thoroughly (overnight is best)
  3. Apply the sealer with a spray applicator or short nap roller.  Roll in a consistent manner to prevent lines and overlapped sealer spots.
  4. Roll a second coat in the opposite direction to the first coat.
  5. Allow to dry for 72 hours before heavy traffic.

Diehl Concrete offers concrete cleaning and resealing services so please feel free to contact us for a quote on your concrete.  Our goal is to have your concrete looking great!