Outdoor Cooking and Kitchen

Textured Concrete

Lightly textured concrete provides an easy to clean and maintainable surface for an outdoor kitchen or eating area.

Outdoor kitchens and Cooking areas are often sought after in Denver due to the mild climate for much of the year.  They are also great for those who want to spend more time outside.  Although outdoor living spaces tend to be quite popular, many Denver residents opt to keep it simple and design and build a simple outdoor kitchen.

The choices in outdoor kitchens appliances, decor and designs are endless, but one common element that is considered “optimal” for many reasons is concrete.  An outdoor kitchen with a concrete pad/slab will ensure a solid foundation for everything that is built on top of it.  Concrete can be sealed and protected avoiding nasty food stains and wine spills, along with the fact concrete is one solid continuous surface that prevents weed growth in grooves (common with concrete pavers) and also act as a trap for unsanitary bugs and grime to build up in.

Concrete can be easily cleaned with a standard hose and nozzle and is easily maintained with moderate frequency of additional sealer coats.

Typical concrete finishes found in an Outdoor Kitchen or Cooking Area:

  • Smooth easy to clean lightly textured slate finish
  • Natural Stone Stamped Concrete
  • Acid Stained and Sealed Concrete slab
  • Wood Deck Plank Simulated Concrete Stamp Pattern

You might consider building an Outdoor Kitchen if you:

  • Enjoy cooking and eating in the fresh air
  • Love grilling and smoking foods
  • Have a yard that encourages outdoor play and activities
  • Want to extend your home’s kitchen and cooking space
  • Entertain guests and kids and often get together for dinners in the summer.

Diehl Concrete will help you choose the optimal concrete finish for your outdoor kitchen.