Concrete Placing and Finishing

Ordering, Placing and Finish a Concrete Slab

Diehl concrete is the local Denver, CO concrete expert that takes pride in a job well done.  When it is time to pour and place concrete Diehl Concrete has the expertise and experience to get it done right.  Pouring concrete is not as easy as you might think, there is a lot of planning, scheduling and know-how that is required to make sure it is done right and a long term success.

Before any concrete is poured the substrate (the ground) must be prepped properly for drainage, compaction and integrity.  Diehl always uses best practices when it comes to surface preparation and planning.

Steel Rebar and Crack Control

Crack Control

Crack Control

Another important element in the installation of a concrete slab is the Rebar or Steel Bar/Mesh  that is required to help prevent cracking and displacement of the concrete slab itself.  Even though there is a saying in the Concrete industry about concrete and that is “it won’t catch on fire, no one will steal it and it cracks!”  Although the last comment “it cracks” might have you worried, its not necessarily what you think.  Even though concrete cracks, that does not mean you will have a large open trench straight across your new driveway.  Cracking is expected and planned for with the use of Control Joints.  These joints are used to “tell” the concrete where to crack and if done correctly Diehl can help to make sure the concrete cracks are hidden within a pre-cut or tooled joint and are never apparent to the naked eye. (see image)

Ordering the Concrete

Another important part about placing and finishing concrete is the day of the pour.  Scheduling and ordering the right concrete mix can be quite technical, and requires a fair amount of experience.   Knowing what slump, PSI, Additives and Color Load are all important factors in achieving a successful pour.  Diehl Concrete’s experience will ensure you get the right mix for the right temperature for the right application every time.

Finishing the concrete

As with most things in design, the beauty is in the detail.  Diehl Concrete takes the details very seriously and makes sure the Concrete’s finish is the best possible, from using top of the line Stamped Concrete Mats, Tools and Products, we can ensure each job is done to the absolute best quality.